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Newbie Guide to Pattaya

Welcome to The Newbie Guide to Pattaya, your free guide to your first visit to Pattaya. It has been designed with the Pattaya newbie in mind. I believe that it is a useful resource to those preparing for their first visit to the city.

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Pattaya is located in Thailand approximately 150km south east of Bangkok and is sometimes known as Pattaya Beach. Some people think of Pattaya as Walking Street, which is a well known area in Pattaya, but there is a lot more to Pattaya. The nightlife is quite diverse from open-air bars to gogo bars and all sorts of variations. There is no doubt that there is a bar or two for you in the city. If you have never been to Thailand you are in for a treat that you will never forget.

Please feel free to look through the guide. If you have any suggestions or comments please use the contact details on the About page (link on top menu).

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Be warned that you may be starting a life changing journey. You may not understand this until after your first trip to Pattaya.

In this guide you will find information that will make your first trip to Pattaya both fun and safe. You will learn how bars operate and how to engage the ladies. Most importantly is is will learn how to make the best use of your holiday time, There are some important notes on dealing with the Thais and how to avoid problems.

If you find the information here useful and want to refer to it while you are on holiday I have made an ebook version of this guide available. The fee for this is a very low at US$5. It is not my aim to become rich but just to cover my costs. If interested please see the Pattaya Newbie eBook page.


Last site update: 5th July 2015