Pattaya Bar Areas

For the majority of first time visitors to Pattaya the entertainment area of interest is contained in a small area starting at Walking Street in the south and extending about 3km north to Soi 2. The area occupies a strip extending back from the beach approximately 400m. This is not the whole bar scene in Pattaya but is the majority of it as far as visitors are concerned. In fact most visitors will not even think of venturing further in the early days of exploring Pattaya. On a first trip some people don’t even venture away from Walking Street.

What follows is a brief description of the various bar areas found in Pattaya. It is no means comprehensive. Bars can be found anywhere in the area but these areas contain a high concentration of bars and many visitors group them together in a similar fashion due to their different character.

If you would like to get an idea of how the different areas of Pattaya look you can try a new website called Pattaya Photos. After the title of each area I have provided a link to the section containing photos of that particular area on that website. I haven't completed all the bar areas yet.

We’ll start in the north and progress south. Click on the map for a larger image.

Pattaya bar map, click for larger image


Soi 2 and 3 Area

This area is dominated by open beer bars forming large complexes. In the area you will find most of the well known soapy massage parlours. There is at least one gogo bar and one coyote bar. Most of the action in the area is concentrated at the Second Road end of the sois and along that road.

Photos of the soi 2 and 3 area

Soi 6

If Pattaya is unique then Soi 6 is a unique soi in a unique place. This place is infamous for it short time bars and debauched behaviour. A trip to Soi 6 is a must on any visit to Pattaya.

Pattaya bar Soi 6

The area contains mostly closed air-conditioned bars. There are some bars that have open areas and some have some gogo elements to them. There are also some normal pubs. The vast majority of the bars have rooms upstairs for short time engagements which is very convenient.

Beware that visiting this soi for the first time is very intimidating for a lot of guys. You are unlikely to experience anything else like it. It would be a good idea to meet someone to show you around.

For a little more information about Soi 6 and a video showing the character of the soi see: Soi 6 – the Sexiest Street in Pattaya

Sois 7 and 8

Pattaya bar area Soi 8 sign

Crossing to the south side of Central Road are Sois 7 and 8.

Like the soi 2 and 3 ares this area is dominated by open beer bars. There are a number of gogo bars and some larger bars. The bars extend along the whole length of both sois and onto both Beach and Second Roads.

There are a lot of options in this area to keep most people happy for a long time. Unfortunately, like other similar areas, conflicting music from bars is a problem.

The Soi 13s

This area comprises Sois 13, 13/1 and 13/2. Soi 13/1 is commonly known as Soi Yamato and Soi 13/2 Soi Post Office.

This areas contains a mixture of open air bars, closed air-conditioned bars and small gogo bars. Some of the bars are short time bars with rooms available should the need arise.

Pattayaland Sois

Pattaya bars Boyz Town

Sois 13/3 and 13/4 are known as Pattayaland 1 and 2. This area is dominated by gogo bars with small open air beers in the mix.

This area is become more and more the domain of the establishments catering for gay visitors. The small L-shaped soi between Pattayaland 2 and Second Road is known as Boyz Town for obvious reasons.

Walking Street

If Pattaya has a heart then Walking Street is it. For many people this area is Pattaya. You will see all sorts of people in this area from mum and dad with the two kids to hard-core mongers. They all come for one reason and that is the sex trade. For the family visitor it is to look at it from the outside and for the single guy the reasons are obvious. You may at times feel like you are a zoo exhibit.

The main entertainment area on Walking Street extends for about 500m. On it you will find many gogo bars, open-air bars, pubs and discos. Some bars have live music while some are like those in the Soi 7 and 8 area. Prices are generally a bit higher here to compensate for higher rents.

Pattaya bar area Walking Street

Off Walking Street there are many sois to explore. Some of Pattaya best gogo bars are located on these sois so make sure you explore. In fact the bars make it easy for you as you will find people promoting the establishments at the corner of their soi and Walking Street.

No matter what your preferences Walking Street is a must do on a first trip. However, don’t get stuck there as it may be the heart of Pattaya but there is more soul elsewhere.

Photos of the Walking Street area.

Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana Inn

A little bit out of the way is the area along Soi Diana Inn and onto Soi Baukhao. The area contains many open air bars, a few gogo bars and a newly opened coyote bar. The L-shaped soi between these 2 sois (Soi LK Metro) is also worth exploring.

The area is fairly laid back and has somewhat of a different feel to it. There are a few good hotels in the area which make it a great place to stay if you want to be a little off the beaten track. This area is being discovered more and more by people.

Photos of the Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana Inn area.

Other Areas

There are areas outside of central Pattaya worth exploring at some stage. These include Naklua to the north, East Pattaya and Jomtien. For a first visit there is more than enough to keep you occupied in Central Pattaya. It is probably best to leave these areas to later trips. There will be other trips!!